Our Club was founded in 1973 as the Kent Poultry Fanciers Society, to serve Kent and the surrounding areas promoting interest in various aspects of poultry keeping and exhibiting. In April 2007 the Club was renamed the Kent Poultry Club to reflect the wider poultry interests of our members. Our Club annually stages Pure Breed Poultry Shows, Exhibitions, Egg Shows and Talks.

If you have a poultry related question or an enquiry about the club go to The Committee on menu for contact details.



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Due to the current restriction with the Covid-19 pandemic our event are currently cancelled.


Avian Influenza

Due to an increase in the number of Avian Influenza cases across the UK, England is now under a prevention zone. As of the 14th December 2020 it is a legal requirement that all birds regardless of how many you have must be kept indoors. Please see the DEFRA page for more information.


Cockerels in need of rehoming

Several cockerels (Buff and Gold Laced Orpington Bantams, New Hampshire Red Bantams, Brown Leghorn Bantams, Buff and Speckled Sussex Bantams) are looking for a new home.

Please contact William Dyson at info@greatcompgarden.co.uk for more details.


A Bronze Sussex Cockerel is looking for a new home. Please find attached a picture of the handsome bird. Location is near Ashford. Please contact David Woollet on 07921500544 for more details.


Declaration Forms

Declaration forms are mandatory at all poultry shows. There has been some  discussion as to if they are needed. Kent Poultry Club will require declaration forms at all its shows in order to comply with the licence that we must apply for in order to hold shows. It is no longer required to declare your birds Newcastle Disease free but you must declare your birds Avian Influenza free. Declaration forms must be presented as your birds are inspected on the day of the show and will NOT be accepted with entries. Below is a copy of the latest Declaration Form that requires you to declare your birds Avian Influenza free. Please make sure your Declaration Form is no older than August 2018 as anything older will not be accepted.

3 Poultry Gathering Declaration Form V9 – 03-02-2019


DEFRA Updates

Pleas make yourself aware of the latest Avian Influenza & Newcastle Disease regulations which you can find on the DEFRA Advice page or on the DEFRA website.