Due to the ongoing Avian Influenza Outbreaks across the UK a National Prevention Zone covering England. From the 29th November 2021 all birds, regardless of the number of birds you have must be kept indoors. Please see all information below for links, updates and guidance.

A gathering ban is currently in place, at present it is unknown when this will be lifted. When gatherings resume please make yourself aware of the current regulations in regards to showing as these are followed by all shows not just those run by Kent Poultry Club.

All birds will be inspected before they are allowed to enter the show hall for any signs of illness or disease. Participants are asked to be patient during the inspection process and to turn up early to avoid delays. Any bird showing signs of illness will be refused entry along with any birds from the same place of origin and/or travelling in the same vehicle.

Declaration forms will be required to be handed in as your birds are inspected.(See Declaration Form section below)

Carriers MUST BE SOLID BOTTOM AND SIDED. At this time, well ventilated cardboard boxes are the best option. Poultry Crates / Dog Cages etc

Please find below Newcastle Disease Guidance.

1a About Newcastle Disease Guidance V1.0 03-08-18

Please find below Avian Influenza Guidance.

1 About Avian Influenza Guidance V3 06-08-18

Biosecurity Advice

Biosecurity procedures will be followed by Kent Poultry Club. Participants are asked to read through the biosecurity.

4 Biosecurity Information for Participants V8 06-08-18

Declaration Form

There has been a lot of talk lately about whether or not declaration forms are required. Please read the below information regarding this issue. This advice and information is from the Poultry Club of Great Britain.

DEFRA are no longer requiring that participants at shows declare their birds free of Newcastle Disease however it is still required that you declare your birds free from Avian Influenza. Also to comply with the license that we as Kent Poultry Club must apply for in order to hold a show the Declaration Form is still required. Therefore Declaration Forms will continue to be required by all participants of Kent Poultry Club Show. We will accept forms from August 2018 onward but older forms will not be accepted. It is up to you are a participant if you wish to declare your birds just Avian Influenza free or both AI and Newcastle Disease.

The completed form must be hand in as your birds are inspected before you enter the hall. Even if you are only entering egg these also require a Declaration Form. There are two forms below, one for Avian influenza and one for Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease. Either of these will be accepted. They are blank and can be used at any shows.

Please be aware that DEFRA could at any point require an updated Declaration Form and any participants will be informed as soon as Kent Poultry Club finds out about it.

Avian Influenza Declaration Form

3 Poultry Gathering Declaration Form V9 – 03-02-2019

Latest Updates

Avian Influenza

Outbreaks of Avian Influenza across the UK continue to increases. Cases are at an extremely high level. An indoor housing order for all poultry remains in force. Gatherings are currently banned. All poultry owners must follow biosecurity measure to protect their birds. Please make yourself aware of the symptoms of Avian Influenza. If you have any concerns about the health of your birds please contact your vet immediately.

Newcastle Disease

Newcastle Disease currently has no outbreaks in the UK. The level of risk of the disease  remains low. All poultry owners are urged to continue to follow biosecurity and be aware of signs of the disease. Report any signs of the disease immediately to your private vet or APHA. The links at the bottom of this page can provide you with guidance and any symptoms to watch out for.

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