Kent County Show Report

**Kent County Show Report **

From Friday 5th July through to Sunday the 7th July, the Kent Poultry Club continued to support the Kent County Show, which this year celebrated its 90th anniversary. I’d like to start by saying a big thank you to all of the committee and its dedicated volunteers for once again setting up and pulling off an amazing event! They were rightly so rewarded for their continued hard work by winning Best Trade Stand. Congratulations!!

On the Saturday, alongside the exhibition marquee, we held our club summer poultry and egg show. We were privileged to have Mr B & Mrs C Ward travel down to be our judges.

Getting poultry and egg entries for summer poultry shows is always difficult for a number of reasons. One of the biggest hurdles is getting birds fit and ready for a show, with many older birds having stopped laying, started to drop feathers and begin their moult! While younger birds, particularly in the case of large fowl, are not quite developed and mature enough. However, I’m pleased to say that we had a decent entry, with very few empty pens on the day. It was also commented on by the judges that the level of fitness seen in the birds put forward were very good for the time of year.

On the day Gareth Mitchell’s very well presented black Australorp pullet, won Reserve Best in Show, just being pipped to the post by Jackie Bishenden’s lovely white call duck, which won Best in Show.

Sunday in the poultry marquee is a bit different in that we hold a 2 in 1 egg show. Not only do we hold a Poultry Club of Great Britain Regional Egg Show, but we also hold a second egg show alongside and intertwined, where eggs are judged as they would be on a commercial basis. It is for this reason we have 2 separate sets of judges. Mr B & Mrs C Ward kindly agreed to return to judge the eggs for the PCGB regional classes, under PCGB rules; whilst Mr & Mrs S Clout judged the additional commercial classes according to egg industry standards. PCGB egg classes only go up to a maximum of 6 eggs, whilst commercial classes continue up to plates of 12 and trays of 32 matching eggs.

As a result, we have two Best in Show trophies to be won. Barry Early won the PCGB regional egg show with a beautifully matched plate of 3 large fowl eggs. While Richard Roff won the second best in show trophy under industry standards with a plate of 6 bantam eggs. Well done to you both!

Unfortunately, egg entries were down a bit this year, and as a result we are very close to losing our PCGB regional egg show status. Showing eggs can be a great way to get to know other poultry keepers, as well as adding a bit of competitive fun with your poultry. Eggs can be laid by any type or colour of chicken, waterfowl or turkey! If you want to know more about the possibilities of showing your eggs and supporting your clubs shows, then please do drop me or any committee member a line! Remember no question is a silly question!!

I would also like to note that it was really lovely to see members getting creative and crafty by supporting the painted and decorated classes. It was the largest entry of decorated eggs we have ever had at the Kent Show, and it really does help to brighten up the show tables, so thank you and please do continue to support the classes!

Once again thank you to all who helped make the show the resounding success that it was, from committee and volunteers that set up and maintain the show, to the continued support from members by exhibiting. It really is such a great way to help promote and maintain the hobby that we all love and enjoy so much.

** Show Results **

Saturday 6th July Poultry and Egg Show Results. Judges Mr B and Mrs C Ward

Best in Show and Best Waterfowl, Call Duck                                                        Jackie Bishenden

Reserve Best in Show & Best S/F Heavy Bantam, Australorp Female              Gareth Mitchell

Best Hard Feather Bantam, Ko Shamo                                                                    William Bird

Best S/F Large Heavy, Brahma Female                                                                   David Small

Best Soft Feather Large Light, Poland Female                                                       M Smith

Best Soft Feather Bantam Light, Silkie Female                                                      G & W Bleach

Best True Bantam, Serama Female                                                                          G & W Bleach

Best Juvenile, Indian Runner Female                                                                       Bobby Boorman

Best Junior, Dorking Bantam                                                                                     Chloe Boorman

Best Rare, Sumatra Female                                                                                       B Hull

Best Young Stock, 2019 Bred Cayuga                                                                      Bob Harrow

Best Eggs, Waterfowl Eggs                                                                                       Bob Harrow

Best Trio, Silkie Trio Bantam                                                                                     G & W Bleach


Sunday 7th July PCGB Regional Egg Show. Judges P.C.G.B Regional Egg Show Mr B and Mrs C Ward, Kent Poultry Club Egg Show Mr and Mrs S Clout

P.C.G.B. Regional Egg Show

Best Eggs, 3 White Large Fowl                                                                                Barry Earley

Reserve Best Eggs, 3 Light Brown Bantam                                                            Richard Roff

Best Contents                                                                                                              Donna Harris

Kent Poultry Club Egg Show

Best Eggs, 3 Cream Bantam                                                                                      Richard Roff

Reserve, 3 Light Brown Bantam                                                                               Richard Roff


Scenes from the Saturday Show

Scenes from the Sunday Show