** Summer Open Day – Fred Hams **

The Open Day/Utility Workshop which was kindly hosted by Fred Hams proved very popular with 44 attending.

Our host kept his audience entertained with his usual style of wit, wisdom and banter whilst explaining the virtues of breeding for Utility. Fred’s own strain of Light/White Sussex were on hand to demonstrate the finer points. Many took up the offer to handle the birds, giving them a better understanding of what weight and type needs to be aimed for when attempting to produce the ideal Utility bird.

The barns of agricultural memorabilia which are not open to the general public, caused much interest.There were more than a few misty eyes and lots of “I remember my parents/grandparents using one of those”, as the buildings offered a secret gateway to the past.

Fred was thanked by all and presented with a basket of fruit as a thank you for the day. P.S. Fred was later seen scuttling across the road with his bounty, obviously happy!