** Autumn Show 2011 **

Kent Poultry Club held its annual Autumn Show on a bright and gloriously sunny day, bringing in record entries of over 320 the highest since the Club was reformed.

Our judges for the day were Rod Wood and Derrick Elvey, it was great to see Derek back at his home club.
The quality of birds on display was extremely good, and it was very heartening to see new exhibitors from far and wide supporting our show, especially as we are into the busy part of the show season. Waterfowl entries were well up, with some impressive large breeds on show, as well as the usual excellent turn out of call ducks. On the poultry front there was a strong contingent of most types of bantams, but the large fowl numbers are on the decline sadly, lets hope that this is just a temporary blip due to cost of production, rather than ” fashion”.

The judges finally decided that Steve Fullers beautifully put down Rosecomb was best in show, just pipping Kerry Wilsons’ lovely Australorp who stood as reserve. A full list of section winners is listed below.

Finally, the Club Committee wish to thank the hard working kitchen team who produced great food and drink all day long, and everyone who helped with the set up and running of the show too many names to mention but you know who you are!! Without this help these shows could not go ahead, and be the success that they are. Looking forward to February, we are intending to stage several Breed Club Regional’s, so exciting times ahead for KPC.

Born and bred in the village of Boughton-under-Blean I have been to, family weddings, christenings, friend’s parties dances and done the quickstep and the waltz around the hall and been to a wake, I can now add to that list,
judging a poultry show.

First decision of the day was, will I walk, ride my bike or take the car? It’s only a short journey for me to the Village Hall in our beautiful village. In the end I took the car, en route to the show I met my fellow judge Rodney Wood. What a picture to welcome us; a hall full of birds and exhibitors. We had a cup of tea and caught up with the latest Poultry Club gossip!
We had the ok to start judging : I had the Large S/F first and difficulties judging the Silkie class as some were entered in the Bantam section two rows away. My Best Large was a Buff Orpington female. There were a nice lot of True Bantams entered; two typy Pekins – black and black mottled. Some good Sebrights, gold and silver as were the same in the Dutch.

The Belgians were a little disappointing being long in the leg and with wattles which they should not have. Best True was an immaculately shown Black Rosecomb pullet from Steve Fuller. In the 2011 bred True Bantam, the best young bird, a Black Booted male, gave the owner the biggest smile of the day, bless her.

Congratulations to all winners and to the hardworking committee Lorna, John, James and the rest of the committee that I don’t know. Also a big thank you to everyone in the kitchen. When you are judging shows you always remember the lunch, cooked to perfection, thank you.

I could kick myself for not enquiring to hire the hall when I was Show Secretary in the eighties and nineties, we used to keep the pens just up the road on a farm, then take them all the way to Higham Village Hall for our shows!

Best wishes to the club
Regards, Derrick Elvey.