Another fantastic show.

Thanks to everybody who helped with the setup and take down of the show, it all ran very smoothly and we left the hall in record time on Sunday evening. Thanks also to the people who kept us all fed and watered throughout the day which so important.

There were many favourable comments from the judges on the quality of the birds entered. Lee Grant, who acted as PCGB representative, was also very impressed with the presentation and organisation of the show.

It was nice to see some new faces amongst both the exhibitors and visitors who we hope to see again.

Results as follows


Best in Show, Welsummer Bantam                      Beverly Dalton

Reserve Best in Show, OEG Bantam                    Lee Grant

Best Juvenile, OEG Bantam                                    Eva Colduck-Grant

Best Junior, Indian Runner Duck                            Tilly Mae-Davis

Best Waterfowl, Call Duck                                      Val Kitt

Best Eggs, 3 AOC Large                                           Terry Hannam

Best S/F Light Large & Best S/F Large, Silkie      David Vicente

Best S/F Heavy Large, Orpington                          Kieran Berrett

Best H/F Large, Oxford                                           L J Pummell

Best H/F Bantam, OEG                                            Lee Grant

Best Trio, OEG Bantam                                            Lee Grant

Best True, Belgian D’Anvers                                   Beverley Dalton

Best Rare, Rumpless Game                                    A Barnett

Best S/F Light Bantam, Welsummer Bantam      Beverly Dalton

Best S/F Heavy Bantam & Best Sussex                L J Pummell

Best Silkie                                                                  David Vicente

Best Ko Shamo                                                         M & K Butcher

Best O. E. G                                                               Lee Grant

Best Modern Game                                                 L J Pummell

Best Call                                                                    Val Kitt

Best Pekin                                                                 Jackie Bishenden



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