Kent Poultry Club Committee would like to thank the Kent County Agricultural Society for their generous support of our Poultry Section. We were given a huge marquee, now with mesh ends which made for better air flow through for the poultry which was very welcome.

The Display looked amazing with the theme “Poultry Keeping in the Garden”. Thank you to the members and non-members who contributed to this section.

The new position opposite the Cattle Marquee and near Food Hall meant we were stretched to the limit.

The number of public through the door was unbelievable averaging over1,000 per hour during Saturday and Sunday. Friday was a little quieter with around 700 per hour, mostly due to the road closures on the M20

We must also thank our members who so kindly gave up their time to help with both the set-up and running of the Poultry Section, also to those who helped with the dismantling after the show. We couldn’t stage this without your help so thank you all very much.

A huge to all of our sponsors and contributors who help to make our marquee such a success.

Thank you must go to our Judges, Stewards and Speakers Philippe Wilson, Michael and Sylvia Hatcher, Jed Dwight, Arthur Stockwin, Steve Clout and also our President Maureen Embry and her husband David for assessing the wonderful schools display.

Most judges and Stewards turn up, do their job and go home… not these people they go above and beyond, helping set-up and take down and anything else that needs doing in between! Thank you, we are very grateful for all your help.

Of course, without the Exhibitors making the effort to enter at this difficult time, adhering to the rules as required by all poultry show participants and making sure their carrying boxes were as required we wouldn’t have been able to stage the Poultry Show on Sunday. Thank you everyone for your continued support and allowing us the time to trial the new check-in system. There were no issues and the check-in went perfectly.

Well done to you all. This may well be the norm for a while but Poultry Club of Great Britain Trustees are constantly liaising with DEFRA to allow some easing of regulations.

The 13-day regulation between shows has now been changed to 7 days but there are implications regarding buying in from sales etc.

If you need further details contact Kate Dickinson P.C.G.B. Secretary.

Well done to all our Exhibitors

Results as follows


Judges: Mr P Wilson & Mr M Hatcher

Best In Show

B & C Ward, German Langshan
Best S/F Heavy Bantam

Reserve Best In Show
Jackie Bishenden, Call Duck
Best Waterfowl

Best S/F Large Heavy
S & C Fuller, Orpington

Best S/F Large Light
J Davis, Appenzeller

Best S/F Bantam Light
B Dalton, Welsummer

Best True Bantam
A Mcghee, Serama

Best H/F Bantam
N Starr, O.E.G

Best Juvenile
A Reeve, Brahma

Best Junior
G Osenton, Serama

Best Eggs
M Simmons, Plate 3 Brown Bantam


Judges: Mr A Stockwin & Mr S Clout 

Best Eggs
L Courtney, Best Keyes Tray

Reserve Best Eggs
H Vicente, Best Plate 6 L/F

Best Plate 12 Eggs
L Courtney

Best Plate 3 Eggs
M Simmons

Best 6 Eggs Contents
D Harris

Best 3 Eggs Contents
L Courtney

Best Garden Gate Display
C Camilleri-Goldup

Best Farmers Market Basket
B Earley

Best Decorated Egg/Eggs
C Camilleri-Goldup

Best Displayed Eggs
C Camilleri-Goldup

Best School’s Eggs
St Edmund’s, Canterbury


Judge: Mr M Hatcher

Supreme Waterfowl Egg
T Hannam, 1 Waterfowl

Best Juvenile Exhibit
St Edmund’s School, Canterbury

Best Overall Contents
S Langdon-Down, 1 Large Fowl

Best Painted/Decorated Egg
C Camilleri-Goldup

Show Champion Best Eggs
M Simmons, Plate 3 Brown Bantam

Reserve Show Champion Eggs
L Courtney 6 Dark Brown Large Fowl

Supreme Large Fowl Egg
M Simmons, 1 Dark Brown Large Fowl

Supreme Bantam Egg
C Richards, 1 White Bantam

Plate Of Watefowl Eggs
C Camilleri-Goldup, 6 Waterfowl

Supreme Waterfowl Egg
T Hannam, 1 Waterfowl

Best Juvenile Exhibit
St Edmund’s School, Canterbury

Best Overall Contents
S Langdon-Down, 1 Large Fowl

Best Painted/Decorated Egg
C Camilleri-Goldup