** November Talk & AGM 2011 **

The meeting was well attended, though sadly, the Egg Show had to be cancelled due to lack of entries. This was unsurprising due to the abnormal weather conditions this Autumn.

Ben Tompsett very kindly started the proceedings with a talk on Winter Husbandry.The emphasis being pre Winter health check of poultry and maintenance of housing.A short question time followed with members exchanged their own tips for surviving the Winter with poultry !

The A.G.M was opened by the Chair, Lorna Mew who welcomed those present with a mention that it was really good to see Lester Lawrence, one of the founders of the Kent Poultry Fanciers Society, at the meeting after a spell of poor health.

The Chair reported on the events of the last year during which she thanked the members for their support of the Kent Poultry Club and asked them to show their appreciation to the Committee for all their hard work.

The Chair then asked all present to show their appreciation to the Secretary John Barden in his absence. A Secretary’s report had been sent to members prior to the A.G.M. in which John stated he wished to stand down.

The Treasurer reported that the club was in good financial position, thanked those who had helped raise funds and produced the Balance Sheet.

The Election of Officers being next on the Agenda our current President was happy to continue and was duly elected.

The President took the Chair and thanked everyone for his re-election. He commented on the Treasurers Report and added how heartened he was to see how the club had progressed and thanked the Committee for their hard work. The Chairman was then elected.

Karl Burney as the newly elected Chairman then presided over the election of Secretary, Treasurer and Committee members and welcomed all elected.

With elections completed, a few items raised in on A.O.B were discussed and asked to be taken to the next committee meeting after which the meeting was closed.

There followed the Raffle and the all important item of refreshments!