Kent Poultry Club Spring Regional Show Report

Our Spring Regional Show, sponsored by Marriages Feed and Maytree Nursery was held in Boughton under Blean, Faversham village hall on Sunday February 10th.

Our judges Ian Sissons and Steve Fuller found themselves with quite a task ahead of them with an entry of 360 birds, 70 plates of eggs and 7 photographs to judge. This number of entries was a very pleasant surprise

We welcomed our usual exhibitors and some people showing for the first time in both egg and poultry classes. We hope they enjoyed their experience enough to join us again at both our summer show within the Kent County Show on July 6 and our Autumn Voucher Show on October 13th. Experienced members were on hand to give guidance and practical help. It was also nice to have exhibitors we haven’t seen for a while join us again.

Our show incorporated Regional/Area Shows for Sussex, Belgium, Rare Breeds and Call Ducks clubs which helped to swell our numbers and we look forward to hosting these classes again in the future.

Congratulations to Jane Boorman on winning Best in Show with her Speckled Sussex Bantam and Robin Creighton for Reserve Best in Show with his Silver Sebright.

Show Results

Judges: Ian Sissons & Steve Fuller

Best in Show & Best Soft Feather Heavy Bantam: Jane Boorman, Speckled Sussex Female

Reserve Best in Show & Best True Bantam: Robin Creighton, Silver Sebright Female

Best Hard Feather Large: John Pummell, OEG Oxford

Best Hard Feather Bantam: William Bird, Ko Shamo

Best Soft Feather Heavy Large: Barbara Earley, Maran

Best Soft Feather Light Large: Robin Creighton, Hamburgh

Best Soft Feather Light Bantam: Beverley Dalton, Welsummer

Best Waterfowl: James Firth, Apricot Call Duck

Best Juvenile: Ellie Reeve, Gold Brahma

Best Rare: Terry Hannam, Andalusian

Best Eggs: Terry Hannam, 3 Distinct Colours

Best Trio: Robin Creighton

Photos from the Show