** June Workshop – 2011 **

The Workshop was, as ever, very well supported with many members eager to learn more on a wide variety of poultry related topics which included; an egg show, a washing demonstration and a Breed Standards focus on the Pekin bantam,
the Orpington and the Call Duck.

There was also a helpdesk for any poultry related questions that cropped up during the day and a small Fun Show for beginners and children.

With eggs plated and birds penned Steve Fuller started proceedings with his presentation on the Orpington. His talk was, as always, informative and made even more interesting with two of his show birds acting as demonstration models.

Next up was the washing demonstration which was very kindly undertaken by James Powell. This section seems to be the most popular and always attracts a keen audience; maybe in the hope of seeing not just the bird getting a good soaking !

After a break for lunch which, as usual, was provided by our super team in the kitchen, Maureen Embry gave us an insight into Call Ducks; during which we were kept entertained by the usual vocals from the various types and colours of Calls that were on display.

Our President, Peter Hinton continued with his focus being, Pekin bantams, a subject close to his heart as he has been a breeder and judge of this breed for many years.

The Pekins that Peter had brought along really demonstrated the type of bird that a judge would be looking for to conform to breed standards.

There followed a discussion on, the placings of eggs and birds by the judges, then on to the draw for the raffle.

The Workshop closed with thanks, and appreciation to all those involved who gave their time and knowledge to make this day a success.