With summer now just a memory, it is a challenge to find birds that are fit enough to show, with most currently in various stages of moult! Entries were down on previous years, but we still managed to have 218 birds and 40 plates of eggs presented for James Firth, Virgil Goodchild and Nicki Firth to judge. Congratulations to Jane Freeman, who they awarded Best in Show for her beautiful black Croad Langshan pullet.

A huge thank you to not only our kitchen team, which did an amazing job with all the catering and keeping up with the butty demands, but also to the members and exhibitors that helped with the setting up and taking down of the show – many hands really do make light work!

We would also like to thank our show sponsors: The Butcher of Brogdale for all the bacon and meat, and Marriages for Championship Row prizes.

Finally, thank you all for continuing to exhibit and support the Kent Poultry Club and we hope you all enjoyed yourselves!

The full result of the show is as follows:

** Show Results **

Judges: Virgil Goodchild, James Firth & Nicki Firth


Best in Show: Croad Langshan Bantam                       Jane Freeman

Reserve Best in Show: OEG Duckwing Male              Lee Grant

Best H/F Large: Oxford Female                                    John Pummell

Best H/F Bantam: OEG Duckwing Male                      Lee Grant

Best S/F Large Heavy: Rhode Island Red Female      Barbara Earley

Best S/F Large Light: Silkie Black Female                    Linda Law

Best S/F Bantam Heavy: Croad Langshan                   Jane Freeman

Best S/F Bantam Light: Ancona Female                      John Pummell

Best True Bantam: Rosecomb                                       S&C Fuller

Best Waterfowl: Cayuga Female                                  Bob Harrow

Best Juvenile: OEG Female                                            Eva Colduck-Grant

Best Junior: Pekin Female                                              Buster West

Best Rare Breed: Vorwerk                                             Jane Freeman

Best Eggs: 3 Largefowl Eggs White                             Barry Earley

Best Trio: Rosecomb Bantam Trio                               S&C Fuller

Best Young Stock: Croad Langshan                             Jane Freeman

Championship Row Pictures