As this was the first show the committee had to organise without Lorna to keep us on the straight and narrow there were, luckily, no major snags and things ran smoothly throughout.

Entries were down slightly as lots of birds were still moulting.This also meant the egg entries were down. Never the less our judges, Dave Copas, Caroline Hadley, Val Kitt and Keith Barnes were all very impressed with the quality of the birds on show.

Thank you to all exhibitors and everyone who helped with the set-up. The kitchen team were kept very busy from bacon sandwiches first thing in the morning through lunch time on to afternoon tea. A very big thank you from us all.

We would also like to thank our sponsors, The Butcher of Brogdale for the bacon and meat and Chilham Feeds for Championship Row prizes.

Congratulations one and all.

Last but not least a huge thank you to everyone who stayed to help take down the show.

Results as follows


Best in Show            Buck & Boom                       Cochin

Reserve                     L J Pummell                          Sumatra

Best Juvenile            Ellie Reeve                            Ancona

Best Junior               Georgina Gray                      Modern Game

Best Waterfowl       R Harrow                              Cayuga

Best Eggs                  Helen Vicente                      Plate of three bantam eggs

Best S/F Large         Buck & Bloom                      Cochin

Best S/F Bantam      B Dalton                               Welsummer

Best H/F Large         L J Pummell                          Oxford

Best H/F Bantam    L J Pummell

Best Trio                   I Sissons                                Frizzle

Best True                  S Fuller                                  Sebright

Best Sussex             J Boorman

Best Rare                  L J Pummell                           Sumatra

Best Silkie                 D Vicente

Best Ko Shamo        P Moreira

Best O. E. G              L J Pummell

Best New Hampshire Red        P Moreira

Best Japanese           S Petts

Best Modern Game  B Dalton

Best Call                     Reece Brett

Best Pekin                  I Sissons

Championship Row Pictures